Why don’t all dental professionals perform root canals? A guide to endodontics

When it comes to dental procedures, there are typically two that ring alarm bells; orthodontic braces and root canals.


And while there are a few others that are far from popular, if you are told by a member of our team that you need a root canal, you may be a bit puzzled if you are then told that we need to refer you onto an endodontist.

Differing from a general dental professional, an endodontist specialises in performing treatments such as root canals and can be of great benefit if you have roots which are slanted or misshapen, surprisingly common in our experience! So if we need to refer you on, don’t worry as we just have your best interests in mind.

At Deakin Dental, we are proud of our level of patient care and our dentist Canberra will make sure that you feel as comfortable as possible while we work on your teeth. We will also aim to answer any questions you may have in a jargon-free manner, to help you choose which treatment option is the right one for you. We want you to always be happy with any decisions made.

But why else might our dentist Canberra refer you onto to an endodontist? Read on to find out.

Failed canal

Exceedingly uncommon but still regular enough to potentially warrant specialist care, there are instances where a root canal performed by a regular dental practitioner will fail.

While our dentist Canberra will always provide the highest level of care to all of our root canal patients, endodontic procedures can fail due to small amounts of infected material being left in the pulp. Or, in the odd occurrence that the crown or filling falls out, bacteria can once again get access to the canal and the infection can reoccur.

And so, a steady hand is required to ensure that each part of the root is filled and that the entire area is cleared of debris.

Repeat abscess

Abscesses can repeat and if they do, you may need to be seen by a specialist.

Endodontists can more accurately assess what is causing the abscess to reform and can treat it more successfully than our general dental team can, as it is their area of expertise.

Tooth position

If the root canal needs to be performed on an upper wisdom tooth that is slanted, this may prove too complex for our team to oversee successfully.

Once again, the specialist expertise and equipment of an endodontist can see a root canal to this area goes off without a hitch, meaning a better long-term result for you.

Root shape

During an X-ray, our team may discover that the infected tooth has an odd root shape, making a root canal more complicated for our team to perform.

Like the tooth position problem from before, an endodontist can more precisely account for this occurrence, providing you with a tooth that is restored and no longer gets infected.

If our team at Deakin Dental refers you to an endodontist, rest assured that it is to provide you with the best outcome.


All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.

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Will my dentist put me to sleep? 5 FAQS answered about oral surgery and extractions

Whether you need an extraction due to impaction or decay, it can be a somewhat daunting experience.


In a regular dental practice, oral extractions and general dental surgery are quite common and can be performed for several reasons. Typically it is used as a means of extracting teeth in preparation for orthodontic treatment or to relieve the pressure caused by an impacted wisdom tooth. As dental implants have grown in popularity, many people are undertaking dental surgeries to have them fitted, meaning more people than ever before are asking our team questions about surgical procedures.

At Deakin Dental, our dentist in Canberra has performed numerous dental surgeries; everything from simple extractions to more complex cases such as wisdom tooth removal. Also trained in the fitting of dental implants, our team will try to ensure that your extraction or surgical procedure is performed without a hitch, allowing you to recover without any secondary complications.

But what are some of the most commonly asked questions that our dentist in Canberra answers about dental surgeries and extractions? Read on to find out!

Will I be given a sedative?

If you are a nervous patient, then the idea of undertaking an extraction may seem daunting.

Our dentist in Canberra will be able to offer you either nitrous oxide sedatives (laughing gas) or intravenous sedation which will help you to feel more relaxed during the surgery.

If you are undertaking IV sedatives, you will need to bring a family member or friend along to escort you home and you should refrain from operating heavy machinery for 24 hours.

Will I need stitches?

Potentially, depending on the underlying surgery being performed, our team may decide to apply stitches to ensure a faster healing time. They may need to be removed after a few weeks by our team or they may be dissolvable.

Is there extra care needed for wisdom tooth removal?

If your wisdom teeth are removed, you may need to use over-the-counter pain relief for a while, as this surgery is quite uncomfortable.

Try to keep the area clean with saltwater and if you suspect you have a dry socket at any time following the extraction, contact our team for an emergency appointment.

My mouth keeps bleeding after the surgery- what should I do?

If your mouth bleeds for longer than 20 minutes (with the application of gauze and pressure), you need to contact our team for an emergency appointment. We will stop the bleeding by using either a surgical glue or we may need to apply stitches.

How long will it take the extraction site to heal?

This will depend on the surgery that was performed to extract the tooth; if it was a simple extraction, the site could take up to 2 weeks to completely heal.

However, if the tooth was below the gum line and a surgical extraction was required, this could take up to 4 weeks to heal completely and may require stitches. With oral implant fittings, the site can take between 3-6 weeks to heal.


All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.

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Looking for a new dentist in Canberra? 5 reasons to join Deakin Dental

Dental care and dental visits should not feel like a chore.


When you are reminded that it is time to attend your biannual check-up, you shouldn’t feel apathy or dread. A trip that revolves around dental hygiene can and should be fun!

No, we aren’t joking! And at Deakin Dental, we aim to make every trip that you make to us as relaxed and enjoyable as possible.

At Deakin Dental, our dentist in Canberra we will take every care to ensure that you and your family are looked after in our surgery. We offer a comprehensive introductory package for all new patients, allowing you to get the most out of your first check-up with us. Coupled with the advice we offer all of our patients relating to dental care, what more could you want in dental surgery?

Of course, this isn’t all we have to offer new patients at Deakin Dental! Here, our dentist in Canberra runs down some of the other advantages of joining our surgery.

Emergency dentistry

We know that from time to time, your teeth may run on their own schedule.

And, should you wake up with a throbbing tooth or lost filling, our emergency dentist in Canberra will make time for you by staying late or altering our appointment schedule to get you out of discomfort.

After all, we want to make sure you are able to carry on with your day-to-day life as usual, and if that means we stay late after regular hours, so be it!

Online guides

In recent times, more services have become available online in light of the events surrounding social distancing.

And, while you can’t really get a tooth filled online, our team at Deakin Dental is proud to be able to offer our patients a range of online PDF guides, which cover an array of different areas in dentistry.

Everything from a guide on root canal treatment to tips on bleaching your teeth at home, we have written jargon-free guides to help you better understand these procedures.

Nervous patients

While we will always try to make your trip to our surgery fun, we know that for some people a trip to a dental surgery can set off an anxiety response.

Therefore, our team takes great pride in looking after those who need a bit of encouragement to get into the dental chair, by offering you music to listen to, a television to watch or sedative options.

Online forms

At Deakin Dental, we have removed the annoyance of sitting in a waiting room with a clipboard filling out a form whilst trying to remember your medical history from scratch.

Using our website, you can download and complete the new patient forms, along with your medical history and simply send them to us when you are done.

Friendly team

Regardless of whether you are a new patient or have been with us before, our team will always aim to make you feel comfortable and welcome when you come to Deakin Dental.


All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.

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Fixing a sore tooth with general dentistry in Deakin

Having a sore tooth is never a fun experience for anyone. It can cause you to avoid your favourite foods, lose sleep and can even be the cause of bad breath.  The longer you leave a painful tooth, the worse it can get.  So we advise that the minute you feel tooth pain, that you make an appointment with us at Deakin Dental in order for us to diagnose the source of the problem and help you along the path of undergoing the correct treatment for your issue. At Deakin Dental it is our aim to take away your pain, not hand it out, which is why getting good, general dentistry in Deakin is so important.  Coming in for regular check-ups, or as soon as you feel pain, can prevent more serious issues arising.  But what happens if you’re reading this and you’re in pain? What could it possibly be?


Different procedures

In order to put your mind at ease about any procedures you may need to fix a sore tooth, we want to explain two procedures that many may find scary in the hope that by shining a light on exactly what we do, we can remove any misgivings you may have.

Cavities and Fillings – a cavity is a small hole in your tooth or between two teeth that have exposed some of the roots which is why you have pain, this inner section of the tooth is full of nerve endings. In order to fill up a cavity, we need to first check if there is any major infection in the tooth. This is done at your initial appointment where we conduct an investigation of all your teeth and possibly take X-rays to see what’s going on inside the cavity. Once we know more about what we are dealing with we may book as the second appointment for you to have that cavity filled.

At the filling appointment, we will first numb the side of your face that we will work on, then using tiny drills and jets of water we will clean the cavity of any debris. The cavity is then filled with a tooth coloured composite bonding material which is shaped to look like the rest of the tooth that needed to be filed away, once we have set this material with a special light you are good to go. The numbing sensation will last for a few hours.

Root canal – this is a very common therapy practised by dentists almost daily and it doesn’t hurt like the movies would have you believe, remember our promise? We aim to take away your pain. A root canal is needed when the inside of the tooth (the pulp) becomes infected, this is incredibly painful and you will be glad of a treatment that fixes it. We will drill the tooth open and flush out all the infected pulp, then we fill the tooth with a synthetic substance and cap it off with a temporary crown until we have a more permanent one made for you. The treatment lasts about 90 min and like with the fillings you won’t feel a thing.

If you’ve any concerns about the health of your teeth, or just want to schedule a routine check up, get in touch with our friendly team at Deakin Dental.

Disclaimer: All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.

Looking for a new general dentist in Deakin Canberra? Visit Deakin Dental!

There’s no escaping the difficulty in finding a general dentist in Deakin Canberra you can trust. It’s like finding a good doctor, or a decent hairdresser that doesn’t have you walking out with a short back and sides, regardless of what you asked for! Finding a great dentist is important and, here at Deakin Dental, we know this and have made it our mission to treat all our patients like they are one of the family, in our relaxed and fun atmosphere. Read on to find out what we have to offer.


The first step

Locating a general dentist in Deakin Canberra might seem like a guessing game with search engines ready to offer you a myriad of practices. But if you come to Deakin Dental, we won’t treat you like another number. We care about you and your specific needs and we will treat you accordingly. On your first visit, we will take a full medical history, asking you any relevant questions we need to get a full picture. We will also carry out a new patient examination, which is comprehensive and will enable us to understand your dental requirements. We are QIP accredited, so you know we have the seal of approval to take great care of you!

With a range of treatments available we can have a chat about what your options are, based on your wishes and requirements. Most importantly, our friendliness and warm reception should be an experience unlike any other. We also run an eco-friendly practice, using biodegradable products wherever possible, and we recycle paper, cardboard and plastics used. Mercury is filtered out of our water and we go even more green by putting any food waste in our compost. Deakin Dental really is an experience like no other and we’d love you to be a part of it!

What treatments do you offer?

We have an extensive range of treatments including general comprehensive care. We will check your mouth, teeth and gums are healthy with thorough examinations, scaling, advice on flossing and X-rays; we will keep an eye on your general oral health. We also offer sleep dentistry for nervous patients and emergency dental care. To improve the appearance of your teeth if they have been stained through drinking or smoking for example, we have teeth whitening, and we do cosmetic work with veneers, crowns and bridges. Alongside this, we also offer oral surgery, oral cancer screening, paediatric dentistry, mouthguards for sports, and root canal treatments. We even have TMJ therapy. If you have pain in your neck or ears, a tight jaw and maybe headaches and poor posture, we can protect your teeth from grinding or clenching in the night and help you to get an improved quality of sleep with a better posture. Not bad for your local dentist, right?

What to expect

Upon arrival, there will be some forms to complete, but there’ll also be some TV to watch or music to listen to in our relaxing waiting areas. Coming to visit Deakin Dental will be an experience that you will want to have again and again – bring your friends and family along too! So, come and join us; relax, unwind, meet new people and leave smiling your best smile.

*All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.

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