Having a sore tooth is never a fun experience for anyone. It can cause you to avoid your favourite foods, lose sleep and can even be the cause of bad breath.  The longer you leave a painful tooth, the worse it can get.  So we advise that the minute you feel tooth pain, that you make an appointment with us at Deakin Dental in order for us to diagnose the source of the problem and help you along the path of undergoing the correct treatment for your issue. At Deakin Dental it is our aim to take away your pain, not hand it out, which is why getting good, general dentistry in Deakin is so important.  Coming in for regular check-ups, or as soon as you feel pain, can prevent more serious issues arising.  But what happens if you’re reading this and you’re in pain? What could it possibly be?


Different procedures

In order to put your mind at ease about any procedures you may need to fix a sore tooth, we want to explain two procedures that many may find scary in the hope that by shining a light on exactly what we do, we can remove any misgivings you may have.

Cavities and Fillings – a cavity is a small hole in your tooth or between two teeth that have exposed some of the roots which is why you have pain, this inner section of the tooth is full of nerve endings. In order to fill up a cavity, we need to first check if there is any major infection in the tooth. This is done at your initial appointment where we conduct an investigation of all your teeth and possibly take X-rays to see what’s going on inside the cavity. Once we know more about what we are dealing with we may book as the second appointment for you to have that cavity filled.

At the filling appointment, we will first numb the side of your face that we will work on, then using tiny drills and jets of water we will clean the cavity of any debris. The cavity is then filled with a tooth coloured composite bonding material which is shaped to look like the rest of the tooth that needed to be filed away, once we have set this material with a special light you are good to go. The numbing sensation will last for a few hours.

Root canal – this is a very common therapy practised by dentists almost daily and it doesn’t hurt like the movies would have you believe, remember our promise? We aim to take away your pain. A root canal is needed when the inside of the tooth (the pulp) becomes infected, this is incredibly painful and you will be glad of a treatment that fixes it. We will drill the tooth open and flush out all the infected pulp, then we fill the tooth with a synthetic substance and cap it off with a temporary crown until we have a more permanent one made for you. The treatment lasts about 90 min and like with the fillings you won’t feel a thing.

If you’ve any concerns about the health of your teeth, or just want to schedule a routine check up, get in touch with our friendly team at Deakin Dental.

Disclaimer: All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.