When most people hear the words dental emergency, they will usually picture someone with a swollen face or someone who is in discomfort. And they aren’t wrong!


While many dental patients will be able to identify a persistent discomfort in their mouths as a sign of a dental emergency, there are many other conditions that require urgent attention from a dental team that often go overlooked. And as you can imagine, if an issue with your teeth or gums goes untreated, it can get worse and can be more invasive to correct, which is something we would all prefer to avoid!

So how do you know if your current condition requires urgent medical treatment?

At Deakin Dental, we like our patients to be educated on all things related to their dental health and so, our dentist Canberra and our dental team are always on hand to answer any queries you may have over the phone. If you have concerns that you need an urgent appointment, simply contact us and we will be happy to advise you. 

But back to the key point; is that sensation on your gum a dental emergency? Here are 5 conditions that will require same-day treatments.


Any swelling to the mouth, face or underneath the jaw is going to need to be seen by our emergency dentist Canberra.

As swellings can be indicative of anything from an abscess to an impacted tooth, it is vital that you see our team promptly for a diagnostic assessment and to relieve any associated discomfort too!


As you may have guessed, a sure-fire sign that you need an emergency dental check-up is discomfort. And as you may have also guessed, the sensations may vary; it may feel like a bruise, a burning sensation, sensitivity or a dull ache which is getting gradually worse.

If you have any discomfort in your mouth, please contact our dentist Canberraso we can conduct triage to assess the urgency. 

Broken or chipped teeth

A broken or chipped tooth may not seem like something that needs an urgent appointment with a dental team, but any chips or cracks to the surface enamel on your tooth needs filling. And promptly!

Delaying the process can allow decay and bacteria to get underneath the enamel, leading to discomfort and infection.  Our team will repair any chips or cracks with colour-matched composite, so you will be left with an aesthetically pleasing result if you come to us with a cracked tooth.

Lost fillings or crowns

Much like a chipped tooth, a missing filling or crown requires urgent repair to prevent infection or further decay.


Many people have mouth ulcers, but if you have recurrent ulcers in the same part of your mouth, or if they grow larger than a 5 pence piece, you need to see our team urgently.

While it may be unlikely, such presentations may be indicative of oral cancer, so please contact us if you have any ulcers, lumps or bumps that have sprung up.


All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.