If you are unhappy with the way your smile looks, then our friendly team here at Deakin Dental offer a number of treatments to suit your needs. Our cosmetic dentistry options can really help to bring your smile back or get the look you’ve always wanted!


What do we offer?

Whether you are just looking for a cleaning and whitening, or a full set of veneers, we can cater to this. We understand that not liking the way your smile looks may have a huge impact on your confidence and happiness, and our cosmetic treatments may be able to help.

White fillings

Your dentist in Canberra will use fillings to fill in any cavities you may have due to tooth decay, which can help to maintain the durability of those teeth. Tooth decay occurs when there is bacteria that has reached deep into the tooth and caused it to weaken. These cavities can be painful and sensitive so this is why filings are important. The fillings we offer are a white colour, meaning that when you have them it will not affect how your mouth looks to others, which is a great benefit for our patients. Once we have completed the filling, any pain or discomfort you may have been feeling from your cavity should hopefully go away.


There are many reasons as to why we might recommend a crown for you, whether it be for aesthetics or your tooth’s health. If your tooth is weak due to decay, then a crown can be beneficial as it has the ability to hold together parts of a cracked tooth or protect a tooth from breaking. You can also have a crown for aesthetic reasons, such as severely discoloured or a misaligned tooth. This can really help to improve your confidence and help your smile to appear straighter.


Our dentist in Canberra can offer you this treatment if you have one of multiple missing teeth. This consists of a fake tooth/fake teeth being attached to an abutment that is inserted in your jawbone. You can have a bridge that holds up to 4 fake teeth, depending on how strong the surrounding teeth are. This treatment can really help to transform your smile, for a more affordable price. Bridges are also very durable, meaning that you can eat normally without having to worry about them coming out.


Dental veneers are tooth-coloured porcelain shells that your dentist in Canberra will attach to the front of your teeth to improve appearance. You can choose how many veneers you want, and which teeth to have them on. This can be a great help if your teeth are chipped, discoloured, broken or smaller than average. It is common for our patients to focus more on getting veneers on their top front teeth as these are the ones other people see the most. The porcelain material that is used brings many advantages, including it’s stain-resistant properties, the natural look of it and the fact that gums usually adapt to it well.

Disclaimer: “All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.”